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International Symposium: Long-term effects of early nutrition. Ministry of Health, Republic of Peru

Lecture: The dual burden of undernutrition and obesity in Latin America
Lecture: The future of nutrition in the XXI century

Lima, Peru, April


Caballero awarded the George G. Graham Lectureship, at Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health [Video in Lectures]

Baltimore, USA, February


International Atomic Energy Agency
Scientific Advisory Board meeting for the Nutrition and Health Division

Vienna, Austria, March


Foundation Nestlé Directing Council

Spring meeting
Lausanne, Switzerland, March

Sociedad Argentina de Nutrición
Meeting with members of the Directing Council, re International Congress of Nutrition 2017

Buenos Aires, Argentina, April

Health and Wellness Advisory Council
Scientific Advisory Board, General Mills

Minneappolis, USA, May

XVII Congress of the Latin American Society of Nutrition

Caballero awarded the Latin American Prize in Nutrition

Lecture: The obesity epidemic in Latin America

Punta Cana, Domincan Republic, November

Pediatric Nutrition, an update, Organized by the Department of Pediatrics, Johns Hopkins University

Lecture: Global Child Health: the role of the pediatrician

Four Seasons Hotel, Baltimore, USA, October

INNERGY Scientific Advisory Board

Spring meeting

Baltimore, USA, June

Avances en Nutrición, Salud, y Estilos de Vida en el siglo XXI

Course at Universidade da Coruña, Spain

Lecture: La epidemia global de obesidad, estado actual y perspectivas futuras

La Coruña, Spain, October

International Life Sciences Institute Scientific Advisory Board

Annual Meeting

Washington, DC, USA, July

American Society for Nutrition

Annual Meeting

Caballero named Fellow of the Society

Boston, USA, April


XXI International Congress of Nutrition
Plenary Lecture: "Humans vs. Obesity: Who Will Win?"
Symposium: "50 years of nutrition research support in low-income countries: The Nestle Foundation" (Co-Chair)

Symposium:  "Preventing childhood obesity in Latin America: Bulding the evidence base for effective policy and programs" (Co-Chair)

Symposium: "Healthier Kids: a program to help parents establish healthier eating and lifestyle habits" (Co-Chair)

Buenos Aires, Argentina, October

Professor at Johns Hopkins University
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