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Recent Lectures

Blidness, weight fluctuation and chronic disease in Cuba: a twenty-year natural experiment
The effects of the epidemic neuropathy of 1993 on body weight in the Cuban population resulted in dramatic changes in the prevalence and mortality of major chronic diseases over the following 20 years.
The George G. Graham Lecture at Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health, Baltimore
A conversation with Ben Caballero
Doctoral students talk with B.C. at the annual meeting of the American Society for Nutrition, San Diego
La Epidemia Global de Obesidad
El impacto mayor de la epidemia afecta a los países en vías de desarrollo: 70% de los niños con exceso de peso residen en países con ingresos bajos o medios.
Conferencia impartida en la Universidad de Lanús, Buenos Aires
The Nutrition Transition and the Double Burden of Disease
The combination of chronic undernutrition with overweight in low-income countries poses a challenging problem in the fight to erradicate undernutrition and obesity in the developing world.
Lecture at Harvard School of Public Health, Boston
The Double Burden of Undernutrition and Obesity

The global epidemic of childhood obesity is affecting primarily low- and middle-income countries, which continue to struggle to erradicate poverty and undernutrition.

Delivered at the World Public Health Nutrition Congress, Las Palmas, Canary Islands



Professor at Johns Hopkins University
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